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2mm Clear Cathedral 17-1/2 in. Stringer 90 COE (6.5 oz. tube)

2mm Clear Cathedral 17-1/2 in. Stringer 90 COE (6.5 oz. tube)
Item#: BE 1101 72               
Sale Unit: 6.5 oz.
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Additional Information

Bullseye Stringer
stringers are threads of glass pulled from re-melted Bullseye Compatible sheets for use in kilnforming or torchworking.

Stringers come in 1 mm (item codes ending in 07), 2 mm (item codes ending in 72) and extra slim 0.5 mm (item codes ending in 75) thicknesses. All Bullseye stringers are approximately 17.5" (445 mm) long. They are packaged in clear plastic tubes, which are 18" (457 mm) long and 0.75" (19 mm) in diameter. Tubes are packaged by volume.

A tube of 1 mm stringers weighs 6.5 oz., and contains approximately 123 pieces. A tube of 2 mm stringers weighs 6.5 oz., and contains approximately 50 pieces. A tube of .05 mm stringers weighs 5 oz. To equalize pricing, tubes of colors made with gold contain fewer stringers than tubes of other styles. For example, a tube of gold-bearing 1 mm stringers contains approximately 87 pieces, while a tube of 2 mm stringers contains approximately 33 pieces.

Some Bullseye stringer images are of the sheet glass color.

Bullseye Glass Company
Bullseye Glass Company is a manufacturer of colored glass for art and architecture with worldwide distribution and a strong commitment to research, education, and promoting glass art. Bullseye Glass was started in 1974 and is based in Portland, Oregon.

We stock Bullseye’s Double Rolled (30) sheets which have a flatter surface than single-rolled sheets and are ideal for fusing. Thin Rolled (50) are half the thickness of standard glass (1.6 mm) and exceptionally easy to cut.

Ordering Information:
Bullseye Glass is priced by the pound. Average weight of a double rolled (3 mm) sheet is 7.5 pounds (3.5kg) per sheet. Thick-rolled (6 mm or 1/4") is 16 pounds (7kg) per sheet. Thin Rolled are half the thickness and average weight is 2.5 pounds (1 KG) per sheet. Tekta is sold by the square foot.

Bullseye glass bears a 4-digit base code and a 2-digit suffix. In addition, some include a final letter code. The first four digits indicate the base glass; the second two digits indicate surface treatment, profile or thickness.
4-Digit Base Code
0XXX Solid Opal
1XXX Solid Color Transparent
2XXX 2-Color Streaky
3XXX 3-Color Streaky
4XXX Collage Glass
6XXX Ring Mottle
Letter Code
F Fusible/Tested Compatible     
2-Digit Suffix Code
21 Ripple
22 Herringbone Ripple
24 Soft Ripple
25 Iridized Herringbone Ripple
30 Double Rolled (3mm)
31 Rainbow Iridized Double Rolled
33 Double Rolled, 40" long    
37 Silver Iridized Double Rolled
38 Gold Iridized Double Rolled

43 Reed texture (3 mm)
44 Iridized Reed
45 Accordion texture (3 mm)
46 Iridized Accordion
50 Thin Rolled (1.6 mm)
51 Rainbow Iridized Thin Rolled     
53 Reed Thin Rolled
54 Iridized Reed Thin Rolled
55 Accordion Thin Rolled
56 Iridized Accordion Thin Rolled
57 Silver Iridized Thin Rolled
58 Gold Iridized Thin Rolled
60 Thick Rolled (6 mm)
80 Double Rolled (4 mm)
81 Iridized Double Rolled (4 mm)

Experimental Bullseye sheets are not run on a standard schedule from the manufacturer and therefore have a limited availability.

Bullseye also manufactures frit, powder, confetti, billets, rods, stix and stringer in three thicknesses - 1mm, 2mm and 0.5mm.



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