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Blue Topaz System 96 - transparent

Blue Topaz System 96 - transparent
Item#: SP SF533.2               
Sale Unit: Approx. 24 x 24 in.; 4 sq. ft.
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Additional Information

Spectrum® Glass

Spectrum Glass is known and respected for its ease of cutting and consistency of color from one production to the next. Spectrum also offers a unique line of cathedral glass with varying obscurity from least obscure (smooth and rough rolled) to somewhat obscured (Waterglass®) and very obscure (chord and ice). Artíque® is a scribed antique glass—a re-creation of the spirit and character of mouth-blown antique glass manufactured by an innovative, patented process of continuous-flow technology. 

Ordering Information:
Priced by the square foot.
Coefficient of Expansion: SF sheets are 96 coe (System 96®).
Stock sheet size: 24" x 48", or 8 ft2 (61 x 121 cm, or .74 m2), although many sheets are also available as 24" x 24", or 4 ft2
Clear Waterglass sheet is 24" x 48".
Colored Waterglass sheet varies from 19–21" x 48" or approximately 6.7 ft2 (47.5–52.5 x 121cm or .67m2).
SF sheets are 24" x 24" or 4 ft2 except where noted in description.
Thickness: Approximately 1/8" (3 mm) except textures which vary up to 1/4".
Double thick System 96 is 5mm.
SFL Thin rolled fusible sheets are 2 mm.

Many Spectrum clear textures are available in large/oversize sheets but may incur additional crate and skid fees.

Coppery Aqua Sisters:
Sky Blue (SP SF533.1), Blue Topaz (SP SF533.2) and Deep Aqua (SP SF533.3)  

All three of these blues contain copper, they create lovely, delicate reactions when fused next to glasses formulated with Sulfur. These transparent blues also work great with System 96 Red Reactive glasses.
For a great tutorial featuring this Blue Topaz glass interacting with shades of sulfur-containing Ambers in Patty Gray's Dam Mold (FUS GM110), click here

System 96 Firing Schedule

available here:



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