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Raku Glass Kiln Fired Glass

Create fascinating and unique glass art using Boyce Lundstrom's reactive enamels and metal inclusion products.

Lundstrom's publications Raku Glass and Kiln Fired Glass feature the Boyce Lundstrom line and include helpful hints and instructions for using these products.

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Color additive

Color Additive - 
Chrome Oxide Blue and Green

Chrome Oxide Green and Chrome Oxide Blue can be used alone as a color, paint or spray; over copper or aluminum for strong color; or mixed with White Linen

Color additive

Dry Enamel color base for a lighter green or blue.

Small amounts of Chrome Oxide Green may be added to the Cobalt Oxide Blue to tint the green color or visa versa. 1 ounce bag.

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1-5: $9.80  6-11: $8.62 12+: $8.16  

Color additive

Color Additive
Vanadium Yellow Mix

Metal oxide reacts very favorably to aluminum foil. 1 ounce bag.

BYL DC0901

1-5: $13.58  6-11: $11.95  12+: $11.31  

white linen finished art

Reactive Dry Enamels

Reactive Dry Enamels

Dry enamels react with copper & metals containing copper. There are so many variables when using this reactive process, that control should not be the objective when using this product. 1 ounce bag.

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1-5: $12.07  611: $10.62 12+: $10.05  


White Linen Dry Enamel

white linen finished art

Non-reactive White Linen Dry

Enamel can be used alone, or as a base to lighten or alter other dry enamel colors.

This product is a refractory base, containing zinc, silica feldspar and other metal oxide. This enamel reacts to inexpensive coloring oxides, such as Cobalt Oxide Blue and Chrome Oxide Green. 4 ounce bag.

BYL DW0104

1-5: $12.07  611: $10.62 12+: $10.05  

CMC - 1 oz.


For use with the Boyce Lundstrom dry enamels. Acts as a thickening agent and adds flow and adhesion to the enamels.

1 ounce pack makes approximately 16 oz. of CMC solution.


1-5: $7.53  6-11: $6.63  12+: $6.27

Copper SheetCopper Granules, Powder
and Sheets

For inclusion between glass layers. Coarse Copper Granules and Fine Copper Powder are great for accents and shading; Copper Sheets are great for "auto - embossing" or hand drawing with a stylus.

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Squeezz Mold

Squeezz Mold

Squeez Mold amp

Squeez Mold is a thick liquid used for drawing on kiln shelves and molds to create embossed designs. Create your own relief images in glass with Squeez Mold. 8 ounces.

1-5: $7.53 6-11: $6.63 12+: $6.27

Universal Mold Coat

Universal Mold Coat

Turn thrift store dishes and platters into fusing molds! Universal Mold Coat is a glass separator that is used on stainless steel and glazed ceramics. Stainless steel will never have to be heated and sprayed as with other primers. 8 ounces.


1-5: $12.10  6-11: $10.65  12+: $10.08

Solution A

Solution A

Used for prevention of devitrification on glass surfaces or an over glaze for dull and matte surfaces. This product is food safe.

One package will make 24 oz. of Solution A.


1-5: $7.53  6-11: $6.63 12+: $6.27

Best Bottle Book Ever

Best Bottle Book Ever

From portraits to candles and mobiles; this book is just an introduction to all the possibilities that bottle glass brings.  See a stunning Garden Mermaid, a Tree of Life from Heineken and Bud bottles, and a crazy Angelfish mobile all created from recycled bottles. In this book, author Boyce Lundstrom focuses on getting the most out of all bottles.

BYL B2291

On Sale: $14.35

Full Lundstrom Kit Available & On Sale!

Sample Kit

Boyce Lundstrom Sample Kit

The Boyce Lundstrom Sample Kit contains enough material to complete 8-10 projects. Click here to view the contents of this sample kit.


Regular Price: $47.95  On Sale: $38.99

Another Great Glass Kit on Sale!

Sample Kit

Flexi-Glass Kit 

The Flexi-Glass Kit is a great way to get started with the Flexi-Glass system. Click here to view the contents of this sample kit.


Regular Price: $36.97  On Sale: $30.77


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