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Glaskolben 30mm x 1mm (50 piece minimum - priced as each)
Glaskolben 30mm x 1mm (50 piece minimum - priced as each)
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Item#: LW GKT30
Sale Unit: Each
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Additional Information
Used for mouth-blowing ornaments, spheres, and other round shapes. The clear glass can easily be accentuated by dipping the heated up cylinder into frit or painted after lampworking has been finished. Perfect for glass artists who are interested in beginning lampworking.

Glaskolbens can be colored using 90 COE frit or stringer, inside or outside of the clear cylinder. To adorn the outside, roll the hot cylinder in frit before blowing or heat up stringer to curl around the hot cylinder in the flame. Both frit and stringer can also be dropped inside of the Glaskolben during the working process to achieve stunning looks. 

Minimum order is 50 pieces. Sold in units of 50, 100, & 600 (Master Carton). The 600 price only applies to master cartons which can only ship via truck. Some breakage may occur during shipping. Extra pieces are included to offset this breakage.

Tested compatible with Uroboros and Bullseye 90 COE glass frit and powders ONLY. Using any other COE may cause stress or fracture. 

Steps to Blowing an Ornament

1. Adjust your torch to a broad flame. Introduce your Glaskolben cylinder to the back of the flame away from the torch. Rotate it as it is brought into the hotter part of the flame, and continue to do so until the cylinder is glowing red and starts to reduce in size. Note: Do NOT let the neck end of the cylinder get as red or the cylinder will become difficult to work with. 
2. Once the glass is heated, remove the glass from the flame and hold it vertically. Steadily blow into the blowpipe while rotating until the desired shape is achieved. 
3.  The glass must be immediately annealed; the annealing temperature for Glaskolben is 950°F. Anneal for a minimum of 20 minutes and let cool.  Leave your Glaskolben blown ornament in the kiln to insure that it cools slowly. 
4. After the ornament has been annealed, the blowpipe end can be removed. Score the neck and while still holding onto the ornament, tap the blowpipe end to break it off. Finish your ornament by attaching an ornament cap and loop. 

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