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Heads and Tails - Box of 20
Heads and Tails - Box of 20
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Item#: UR HT 20
Sale Unit: Each
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Additional Information

Uroboros Glass
Uroboros Glass has three product categories: art glass, 90 COE fusible (Fusion FX90), and System 96 fusible. Uroboros glass is primarily handmade in Oregon.

Sheet Glass Information:  Priced by the square foot, except Drapery which is priced by the sheet.
Sheet size:
Usually 30" x 24" (75 x 60cm) or 5 ft2 (.47m2). Sheet can vary to 24" x 24" (4 ft2). Drapery is smaller.
Coefficient of Expansion: stock numbers ending in 90 are 90 COE. Stock numbers ending in 96 are System 96 (96 COE).
Typical Thickness: .125" (3 mm). Also in thin .071" (1.8 mm), thick .157" (4 mm) and thicker .236" (6 mm)
Products: Sheet glass, Glass packs, Billets, Frit, Confetti, Stringer, Noodle, Rods.
Heads and Tails Box of 20
Uroboros Heads and Tails Box of 20 was put together for variety in color and texture. When hand casting a sheet of art glass, the colors "pool" and intermingle in interesting shapes and swirls at the "heads" and "tails" of each sheet. While the cut center of the glass will be to a standard, the heads and tails are unique. There is only one cut edge on each head or tail, the uncut 'factory' edges make a nicely finished rounded edge for your instant art piece or lamp!

This box of 20 carefully selected pieces was chosen for their appealing color mixes and vibrancy--an eye-catching array of color that you will love to dive into.

NOT UPS-able. Motor Freight or will call only.

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