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Lampworking Glass > 33 COE TAG Colored Rods & Tubing
Wisteria 33 COE Rod (1/4 lb. minimum order)
Wisteria 33 COE Rod (1/4 lb. minimum order)
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Item#: TG 33 25
Sale Unit: Pound
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Additional Information

Trautman Art Glass (TAG) makes high quality colored borosilicate and soft glass, by hand in small batches.

Trautman Art Glass is the latest venture of Paul Trautman. Paul conceived, designed and built the world’s first commercial operation to manufacture colored borosilicate rod glass in the mid-1980s. Paul Trautman's Northstar Glassworks set the standard for modern borosilicate color production, and Paul pioneering recipes for hard-to-achieve colors.

Now Paul is back perfecting his recipes for new colors and old favorites under the TAG label. An innovator and experimentor Paul is also creating soft (104 COE) colored glass completely compatible with the Moretti/Effetre Italian 104 glass lines.

TAG colored borosilicate glass includes the popular Red Elvis and other colors.  Boroscilate color is 33 COE; Anneal at 1050 degrees Fahrenheit. Sold by the pound with a 1/4 pound minimum. Enter .25 in the shopping cart for 1/4 pound; .5 for 1/2 pound, etc. Blue Blizzard, Teal Blizzard, Red Blizzard, Kiwi, Pink Cadillac and Wisteria
Opaque or semi-opaque colors shot through with flecks of white “snow” which smoothes out in the flame. Should be worked in a neutral or oxidizing atmosphere. Blue is lapis-colored; Teal is a dark opaque teal blue; Red is generally opaque brick, but can be somewhat translucent; these three colors still feature the “snow”. Kiwi is an opaque bright lime green; the Pink is an opaque “candy pink”; the Wisteria a very opaque blue-purple. These three colors have now shed most of their Blizzard texture and are smooth.

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